About Us

HJL Designs

HJL Designs is a supplier of professionally designed wine labels for the craft winemaking industry. Our 'best in the business' price, combined with our professional designs are making us the best source for pre-printed wine labels. 

Our adhesive sticks well enough to still look nice when bottles are refrigerated, yet peels off to allow bottles to be re-used.

At 9.5 cm high and 7 cm across, our labels are large enough to look great on a Bordeaux style bottle, but small enough to fit on Burgundy bottles.

Feedback from our customers has centered mainly on two points: 

1) they love the price - savings add up over the course of a year;

2) variety - lots of different styles and we are constantly adding new designs.


Shipping Policy

HJL Designs shipping policy is straightforward:

If you order less than 50 cards or packages of labels in total in an order, we subsidize the shipping, but there is a $7.50 shipping charge added;

If you order 50 or more cards or packages in total in an order, we pay the full cost of shipping;

There is a minimum of 30 cards and packages of labels in total per order;

All orders are mailed within 1 business day of receipt of an order;

The price per package is consistant and there is no minimum of each design.


Privacy Policy

HJL Designs Ltd is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

We do not share our customer list with anyone. Your information will not be distributed to third parties.

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Assigned usernames and passwords are unique to each account to prevent anyone else from accessing your account.

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